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Our Exceptional Mini Crane Hire Melbourne Service

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

Cranes 4 Hire provides a high quality range of mini mobile cranes for hire across Melbourne and the surrounding areas. Our products including the Maeda 285C-3/305C-3 are perfect for use across large and tight access construction sites across Melbourne, due to their maneuverability, mobility and safety features. Alongside our cranes are our Glass Vacuum Lifters offering exceptionally high quality manufactured using the highest quality materials from the USA and Germany.

Cranes 4 Hire Melbourne has always had a passion for excellence which has helped us thrive in a highly competitive market. Our personalised attention, service and advice to all clients based on their specific needs for each construction site, is a key focus for us, as it ensures our customers are meeting their targets. The spider crane hire Melbourne service has professionals that work to bring quality mini cranes for your needs. Whether you require the crane within your house or outside your building or require the best specialised labour for your job, our mini crane hire Melbourne service ensures the finest equipment is available to you.

Affordable Mini Crane Hire Service

Cranes 4 Hire ensures that affordability is paramount in our journey to be the most competitive crane hire service in Melbourne. Our specialised range of equipment we have at Cranes 4 Hire allows us to cover all bases for our customers and therefore provides them with flexible pricing options.

Mini Crane Hire Melbourne Glass Fitting Solutions

At Cranes 4 Hire, we take pride in providing operators who are qualified glaziers and are fully certified for high risk work, with relevant experience with our spider cranes in Melbourne. As a result, our customers are getting more than just a crane operator for their glass fitting needs.

Our staff understand what it takes to complete high quality jobs and you will find that the competency of our staff makes us stand out. Whenever you require specialised glass fitting and certified dogmen, operators, or riggers, Cranes 4 Hire Melbourne will be able to support you.

Why Choose Us?

As you submit your expression of interest and enlist the requirements of the job, our expert customer service team will ensure the best spider crane is available to be used for your job. The experience of the professionals and labour associated with our equipment is also warrantied with excellence.

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