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Spider Crane Hire Melbourne

While there are many crane companies here in Melbourne, only a selected few are reliable to consistently meet all your project needs and requirements at affordable rates and with expertise. At Cranes 4 Hire, we pride ourselves on being one of Melbourne's best spider crane hire company. 

We take confidence in handling all of your crane and lifting needs. Our experience, professionalism, and a wide array of crane hire services in Melbourne make us confident that we can offer your crane needs the best solutions. 

The vast array of our cranes for hire are versatile and can be used conveniently in tight or cramped places because of their comparatively small sizes. The small tail swing radius that they are equipped with makes them the great choices for project constructions conducted on pavements or roads, building sites, and tight spots. 

We provide crane hire services in Melbourne, and a variety of glass lifting equipment, along with years of glass and glazing experience. Our team of experts is ready to deliver the best advice, service and quality machinery for your project. 

So, whether you're working on large scale construction projects, or residential construction, you can rest assured that we will do a perfect job for you. 

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Safest Mobile Crane Hire

Mobile Spider Crane Hire Melbourne

Our range of mobile spider cranes are some of the best in Melbourne. They are highly known for their ability to lift heavy loads, reach extended lengths, and mobility, as they can be driven to any areas or locations they need. 

Our mobile spider cranes for hire are powerful yet flexible, ensures comfort, economy and excellent safety. They are also cost-effective, safe to use, and their extendable telescopic boom can be adequately adjusted to the required length.

If you are working on civil construction or a tight access site, a mobile spider crane might be the best option for you. A vast range of mini crawlers in our fleet is available to offer mini crawler crane hire in Melbourne. Our mini crawler cranes fleet offers mobility and adaptability, and a massive ability to handle heavy loads. 

Our mobile cranes are perfect for lifting just about anything. Our expansive mobile cranes fleet comes in various sizes, from the massive 250T crane to a 20T crane. This will ensure that all your project needs are taken care of and that we partner with you to fulfill all lifting requirements.    

Our mini cranes are also versatile solutions to all of your lifting needs and requirements as they offer high-speed performances, impressive manoeuvrability and require minimal set-up. This makes them quite ideal and suitable for a wide array of tasks, including tight access lifts on industrial, commercial and domestic sites. 

Crawler cranes are perfect for inner-city projects and construction sites with challenging and limited access. Due to their versatile design, you can complete various tasks, from lowering materials from a high-rise building in the commercial industry to accessing regular residential doorways.

Whatever your need is, our spider crawler cranes are the best way to complete whatever project you have on the ground. 


The Safest Spider Crane Hire Company Melbourne

When it comes to safety, Cranes4Hire endeavours not to compromise anything. We pride ourselves on being one of the safest spider crane hire company in Melbourne. Where standard cranes are too large or unsafe, our mini spider crane hire in Melbourne can safely deliver on commercial and small domestic construction projects. With multiple options to choose from, safety is guaranteed regardless of environment and application. 

Manufactured and designed according to the safety guidelines and strictly to the highest quality standards, you can rest assured that safety isn't compromised. The near-zero tail swing combines with 360 degrees continuous slewing and lightweight construction, making it easier to lift loads in areas with limited access. 

There is also easy moving and lifting of loads across distances to improve job efficiency due to the carrying capacity and large pick. This also means that whenever you need our services, you are getting quality and safe services. 

With safety in mind during its manufacturing, our spider cranes have a tipping prevention system to automatically stop the crane from tipping over when the load reaches 100% capacity and a tilt alarm that activates when there is an excess 15-degrees inclination. That's not to forget the rear-view cameras that allow operators to see whatever is behind them. 

Whatever your crane hire needs are, you can't go wrong choosing Cranes 4 hire for spider crane hire in Melbourne. Place a call through to us, and let's do our best to provide the assistance you require. 

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